Revolutionizing Customer Engagement

IL MIO World transforms the concept of customer engagement through incentivization.

With IL MIO World, brands can target and retarget users through customized audiences compiled by data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Users earn loyalty points for interactions and receive targeted push notifications on offers that fit their purchasing behavior.

We do this with only three pieces of user information:
1. Year of birth
2. Gender
3. Country of residence.

IL MIO World App for Users

My Collection

Register your items on the blockchain and view your items through our In-App Wallet.

View item status

Ensure the items you like are authentic BEFORE you buy. With the NFC chip feature, you can scan any item to view its status & prohibit resale and fraud by reporting your items as Stolen or Lost.

Push Notifications

Brands can communicate directly with customers through their devices without revealing customer identity.

IL MIO World Dashboard for Brands

Create Reports

Filter by product type or customer type to study buying behaviors.

Customize Audiences for marketing campaigns

Create custom audiences for targeting marketing.

Push Notifications

Communicate directly with customers through personalized push notifications.

IL MIO World Solution

  • Appeals to consumers through privacy protection and rewards

  • Allows brands to send relevant, targeted offers to their audiences

  • Increases customer engagement and brand loyalty through rewards system

  • GDPR compliant